How long does a tummy tuck hurt?

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Procedures such as tummy tuck surgery have become an alternative for hundreds of women seeking to recover their silhouette after pregnancy, because it has the advantage of minimizing the abdominal area, it can also be easily adapted to the needs of the patient, since it is not only one procedure, but several.

However, despite the benefits of this procedure, there are many people who decide not to continue due to doubts about the recovery process, because the idea that it will be long, difficult and very painful is usually quite ingrained, but fortunately this is not necessary.

How is the recovery process? 

First of all, it must be taken into account that there are a series of procedures in which the skin, muscles and fat of the abdomen are worked on. Also, since each surgery is adapted to the needs of each patient, the procedure employed is different for each person.

Taking that into account we can say that the recovery can be very different in each patient, in some cases it will be faster and in others slower, in addition each of these procedures has characteristics that must be taken into account when preparing for the postoperative period.

Hospital admission

Although this may vary depending on the type of procedure performed and the clinic where the surgery was performed, the most common is for the patient to be hospitalized from 2 to 4 days, in addition, a special girdle will be placed, which helps protect the wound and prevents the accumulation of fluid.

They are also usually given compression stockings and a container that helps the blood to drain. 

Full rest

In order for the recovery process to be easier and more effective, it is recommended for patients to rest for the first 10 days; however, full recovery may take approximately 2 months. During this time it is important to maintain a correct sleeping posture, otherwise pain may arise.


The way the patient walks is also affected because it is necessary to avoid popping the stitches, in these cases it is best to walk slowly and gradually, then as the recovery progresses, the patient will be able to walk more normally.


It is true that keeping a good hygiene is necessary to avoid problems during recovery; however, it is not recommended to take a complete bath during the time you will be wearing the girdle; at this stage, sponge baths are the most advisable.

How long does a tummy tuck hurt?

The pain felt after a tummy tuck surgery varies greatly for each person, as it depends on many things such as the way the patient is feeling, the type of procedure that is chosen and the way the patient decides to go through their recovery process.

Usually, the severe pain of a tummy tuck Tijuana only lasts for the first few days, after which it begins to decrease to mild discomfort, although in some cases a pain pump is also used, which is a tool that is inserted at the end of the procedure while the patient is still in the operating room.

The pain pump dispenses anesthesia in a controlled manner, delivering it to the incision area so that pain can be relieved. Although pain after surgery is normal, if the pain is unbearable, analgesics are usually recommended, but as with the pain pump, the length of time of use is something to be evaluated by the physician. 

When should I worry?

Even if the surgery is a success, sometimes during recovery situations may arise that worsen the patient’s health. Some of these complications are breathing problems, elevated temperature higher than 38ºC, intense pain that does not go away with medication and symptoms of infection.

Strange fluids and blood stains in the wound can also be a sign that something is not going well during the recovery process. In these cases and when in doubt, the most advisable thing to do is to consult the doctor and follow the recommendations strictly in order to prevent the wound from becoming infected.

To avoid the creation of clots after surgery, as well as other problems that may affect the patient’s recovery, one of the things that are usually recommended is to start as soon as possible to resume daily activities, but this should be done gradually and following the doctor’s instructions. 

Things you should know

It is from the 5th week that it is usually recommended to start resuming activities again, but this has to be if the surgeon approves it. After the surgery the surgeon should see you periodically to follow up your case, that way it will be easier to verify that your progress is progressing properly.

The scar that remains after a tummy tuck will begin to lighten with the passage of time, however, it is permanent, so it is important to take this into account before deciding to have a tummy tuck.

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