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Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation

The breasts are one of the most attractive areas in women’s bodies, they tend to give a more stylized and feminine aspect that makes them feel more confident of themselves and in harmony with their body. Many women usually have small breasts, which can make them feel unattractive and affect their self-esteem, as it is a situation over which they have no control and can not do anything about it. In the past, this was something that definitely nothing could be done about and women who were not satisfied with the size of their breasts simply had to learn to live with it.

Fortunately, nowadays it is no longer necessary to conform, because the advances in aesthetic medicine have led to plastic surgery and with it, it is possible to perform a breast augmentation in Tijuana. This is very good news for many women who, due to genetic or other reasons, are not comfortable having small breasts.


What is the Breast Augmentation in Tijuana?

This surgery is also known as augmentation mammoplasty and its main objective is to increase the volume of the breasts and improve its shape. This procedure can be done with the help of implants or with the transfer of fat.

There are many types of implants, however, the choice of them depends on the specifications given by a specialist according to the needs of each patient.

It is a short-stay surgery, you arrive early at the clinic where the procedure will be performed, and the patient is discharged the same day, once the anesthesia has passed and he is able to drink fluids. This surgery is performed with anesthesia plus sedation and its approximate duration is 2 hours.

Some post-operative care are:

  • Once the surgery is finished, it is advisable to use a comfortable bra, such as a sport bra, in order to give better support to the breasts and safety for the patient. It is necessary to take antibiotics, analgesics and anti-inflammatories for a period of time. A week after the surgery, the patient can return to her daily tasks, as long as she does not lift heavy objects.

Advantages of having a Breast Augmentation in Tijuana

    • Improve the appearance of the body

    Performing a Breast Augmentation in Tijuana can help achieve a more attractive physical appearance, because many women feel that they have a beautiful body and that the only thing they need is more breasts. In this process they can decide exactly what size they want and thereby improve the appearance of their body.

    • Improvement of self-esteem and greater security

    This surgery can help strengthen self-esteem and increase the confidence of women who have experienced complexes due to the size of their breasts. They will have a new image, according to what they want and with that they will feel comfortable with themselves.

    • Younger appearance

    With the realization of a breast augmentation in Tijuana, more firm and erect breasts will be achieved that will make any patient feel, regardless of their age, younger and attractive. It will have an aspect with which you can flaunt your figure safely with anything you want to wear.

    Performing a Breast Augmentation in Tijuana is the best option for anyone who does not feel comfortable with herself because she has small breasts or simply wants to modify the structure of her figure.

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