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Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL

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Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL

What is the Brazilian Butt Lift?

It is a plastic surgery that consists mainly of improving the buttocks’ appearance, shape, and volume. For this type of procedure, the patient’s fat is used, which is extracted from those areas where the body presents more fat deposits or in those places where it is difficult to reduce the percentage of adipocytes.

The Brazilian butt lift surgery is a personalized method since each body and patient is different and has varied characteristics and problems. The surgeon Fernando Robles Rodriguez will identify and look for a natural enough solution according to what each person is looking for.



What are some of the benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

There is a big difference between this procedure and the implant procedure, which will cause the results to be different. Many patients prefer the Brazilian butt lift surgery because of all the benefits they can obtain once the operation is completed.

  • This method’s final results are much more natural than other surgeries focused on the buttocks. Also, it offers a more rounded appearance to this area.
  • It is an excellent procedure for those who present complexes due to a lack of shape in the buttocks area; this operation can also be an alternative for flaccidity.
  • Another great benefit of the Brazilian butt lift is less infection risk compared to other surgeries. This procedure is very kind to the body because it is biocompatible with the body.

Thanks to all the benefits of the Brazilian Butt Lift, it has become one of the most preferred procedures by people since it not only allows for remodeling the area but also improves the body contour, making the silhouette look fuller with a reasonably natural result.

How is the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

Any patient who wishes to undergo a Brazilian butt lift, firstly, will go through a body analysis where Dr. Fernando Robles will evaluate the state of the body, he will analyze the conditions of the skin and determine the areas where it will be possible to remove the fat and then implant it in the buttock area.

Once Dr. Robles has analyzed the body and the buttocks, go through the patient’s medical story to verify his health condition. Once this is confirmed, he will set an appointment for the operation. In the procedure, Dr. Robles will remove the fat from the body’s selected areas, such as the abdomen, arms, hips, back, or thighs.

Once the desired fat has been obtained,  Dr. Robles will start filling the buttock’s selected areas according to the first revision appointments’ stipulations. Small incisions are made around the buttocks to make the transfer and achieve higher, plump, and rounded buttocks.

After all this process, a girdle is placed to minimize bleeding risk. This girdle should be worn for one month or until surgeon Robles indicates. The patient must also attend a postoperative massage to evacuate toxic substances that may affect the patient’s condition and appearance.

What care should be taken after the Brazilian Butt Lift?

As with any surgery, patients must take specific actions that will be key to avoiding infection problems or affecting the final results. Some of the recommendations are:

  • Avoid sitting and sleeping on your back, mainly because doing so can be painful for the patient; therefore, it is recommended that patients sleep face down until the treated area has completely healed, approximately two weeks.
  • It is usual for the buttocks to become inflamed due to all the manipulation. To avoid discomfort, Dr. Robles will indicate antibiotics.
  • According to the patient’s opinion and what they are looking for with the Brazilian butt lift, more than one surgery can be needed.
  • The results can be seen after a couple of months, so patients have to be patient.
  • A special diet must be carried out because weight gain can directly affect the surgery’s appearance and durability.
  • The patient must avoid alcohol intake and cigarette smoking, before and after the surgery, at least for two weeks.
  • It is recommended to avoid exercise, as it can affect the healing process. Short walks are ideal for promoting blood circulation if the patient wishes to do some physical activity.

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is highly recommended for patients who wish to improve their buttocks’ shape, volume, and roundness. Still, it is necessary to always go-to experts in the field, just as Dr. Robles is. So if you are interested in this procedure, contact us.


When you are not a good candidate for a BBL?

When you have excess skin or sagging

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