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Mommy Makeover In Tijuana

The Mommy Makeover Tijuana procedure is known as the set of procedures that seek to improve different areas of a woman’s body after pregnancy. Dr. Robles knows that many times after having a child, the body undergoes changes that can be difficult to reverse and can cause insecurities in women. For this reason in Clinica Renueva we offer this cosmetic surgery so that moms can feel comfortable with the appearance of their bodies.


What Is The Mommy Makeover Tijuana?

It is a treatment that consists of three operations that are aimed at erasing the sequelae left by pregnancy and, at present, it is one of the cosmetic surgeries that are booming. Women who undergo this type of surgery can recover their body shape. They get a flatter abdomen, raised breasts and less fat in areas such as the thighs and around the abdominal area.

Mommy Makeover Tijuana consists of three surgeries which Dr. Robles will perform in order  to give the patient the body she wants so much, these surgeries are:

Mammoplasty: The goal of mammoplasty, also known as a breast lift, is to reconstruct or reshape the breast. Although it is often performed for breast augmentation, some women opt for this surgery to reduce the size of the breast. This surgery is performed in the mommy makeover Tijuana procedure so that the body looks proportional according to each person’s morphology. In the case of breast augmentation, Dr. Robles offers high-quality implants.

Abdominoplasty: To provide the patient a flat abdomen, this operation is performed as part of the mommy makeover Tijuana. Dr. Robles will remove the excess skin that is left after the body returns to its natural shape, remove fat deposits, and tighten the muscles to improve the appearance of the abdominal area. This way, the abdomen will look flatter and tighter, so there will be no extra skin or fat deposits that can cause insecurity for the woman.

Liposuction and liposculpture: Within the mommy makeover Tijuana procedure, Dr. Robles, along with his team, will remove the fatty tissue that damages the person’s appearance; this is done through liposuction. To contour the patient’s silhouette, we will proceed to the liposculpture, where areas such as the waist and abdomen will be sculpted. Once these procedures are completed, the body will look more curved.

The mommy makeover offers a whole-body transformation thanks to all the procedures that are performed to remove excess skin, fat deposits, and lift the areas that were damaged.

What Is The Procedure?

Pre-operative: Before a woman undergoes a mommy makeover Tijuana, she must submit to an evaluation. During this evaluation, Dr. Robles will examine the state of the person’s health and the state of the body. After performing some tests, Dr. Robles will determine if the woman is a candidate for this type of procedure. It is in this evaluation where the woman can ask questions regarding the surgery, and the Dr. will inform the patient about the process. After scheduling an appointment for the operation, it is necessary to stop smoking and stop taking contraceptive or anti-inflammatory drugs from one month before the operation. One day before the mommy makeover Tijuana, the patient must bathe with a special antiseptic.

During the operation: The patient will be under anesthesia during the entire mommy makeover procedure, while Dr. Robles and his team will begin the surgeries mentioned above. This surgical procedure can last from six to eight hours. During this time, the patient will be under medical supervision. Once the operation is completed, you will remain in the clinic for one day.

Post-operative: After the mommy makeover Tijuana has been completed, the patient must take the necessary care to avoid infections or bleeding problems. To do this, you must keep the navel area covered with gauze and medical tape so that the scar is not contaminated. A person from Dr. Robles team must do the healing of this part, so there will be no inconvenience due to negligence. The patient must come to the check-ups so that Dr. Robles can evaluate the woman’s healing. It is necessary to follow all the recommendations, such as the use of girdles, select bras, and the intake of medicines.

What Benefits Can Be Achieved With The Tijuana Mommy Makeover?

  • There are multiple benefits that a woman can obtain after a procedure such as a mommy makeover Tijuana, both physical and mental benefits. Let’s remember that this operation is aimed at women who, after a pregnancy, want to recover or improve their figure.

Physical benefits:

  • Breast lift or reduction
  • Flat stomach
  • Contoured silhouette

Mental benefits:

  • At this point, we are referring to the changes that the patient presents at the level of self-esteem. After the mommy makeover Tijuana, the woman will feel much more comfortable with her appearance, which will be seen in her self-confidence.

    Mommy Makeover Tijuana is a procedure that requires a surgeon who specializes in the subject, that’s why Dr. Robles is one of the most indicated surgeons for this operation. He and his team give patients what they are looking for.

    If you are interested in a mommy makeover Tijuana, contact us so you can schedule your appointment.

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