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Bichat Bags

For all women it is very important to always look beautiful and therefore one of their main goals is to have a very defined face, since this is one of the main characteristics by which the beauty of face is determined. There are very few women who have a thin face, because having round cheeks and large cheekbones is the most common thing in women. In fact, this has nothing to do with a person being overweight or something like that, but often by genetics or for some other reasons although the person is slender, the face can look rounded. One of the main reasons why a person can have a large, round face is because of the bichat bags.


But first… What is Bichat Bags in Tijuana?

  • The Surgery of Bichat Bags in Tijuana is performed with local anesthesia and sedation. It is an outpatient surgery, that means that hospitalization is not necessary once the procedure is finished, because there’s only a moderate inflammation in the face. The next day you can return to daily tasks, as long as you don’t lift heavy objects, do not eat fatty, spicy or hot food for a minimum week.

    The surgery of bichat bags in Tijuana is usually done simultaneously with other procedures that can help to improve the structure of the face, to achieve a more attractive appearance, such as a plastic surgery of the nose, liposuction of the neck, and others. It also helps to make it easier to place fillings on the cheekbones or on the chin.

What are Bichat Bags?

Bichat Bags are two bags of encapsulated fat that are found on the cheeks, one on the right and one on the left, each of these weights approximately 9 grams and although they are very small in size, they are the ones that give the appearance of fullness to the cheeks and give support and structure to the face, helping to configure the space of the middle and lower region of the face. The appearance of the face depends on the size of these, since they can give us a rounder appearance and with very poorly defined angles if they are too large or more elongated and stylized if they are small.

Fortunately, it has now been discovered that bichat bags can be removed through a procedure called Bichat Bags Surgery in Tijuana.

Things that should be considered before thinking about having a surgery of bags of bichat in Tijuana

  • The results are different for each person
    Although all people have bags of bichat, the size of them is not the same for everyone, some may be very large and others can be smaller, so it’s necessary to consider these when performing surgery and  have realistic expectations about the results.

  • It is preferable that people who wish to have surgery have round face
    The results are more visible and the change is quite noticeable if the person in which the surgery is performed have a round face, and wish to obtain a finer face according to the rest of their figure.

  • Recovery is simple
    Many people do not decide to have this surgery because they think that aftercare is difficult. However, another advantage of bichat bag surgery in Tijuana is that the recovery takes place at home. It is important to know that during the first post-operative days the volume of the cheeks will increase and there will be some pain in the area. In a period of 15 to 20 days the face begins to deflate and after three months the final changes can be noticed.

  • The results are final
    Bichat bags do not re-form, so when they are removing from the cheeks the change that is generated will be definitive and it will not be necessary to perform the surgery again even if the person gains weight.

    So if you want to have a more defined face that is consistent with your body, a surgery of bichat bags in Tijuana is just what you need

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