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There are many factors that cause the firmness of the breasts to be lost and that these “fall”. This flaccidity or sinus fall can have many repercussions on the self-esteem and the safety of any woman, because the image that is projected is very important for all. The loss of firmness in the breasts can be caused by several factors, such as:


What is Mastopexy in Tijuana?

The Mastopexy, also known as breast lift, is an aesthetic surgery that removes excess skin in the breasts and that aims to shape, firm and elevate the contour, all this by lifting sagging breasts. This procedure can be performed with the same tissue or also through the use of implants. In turn, excess skin is removed and tissues are repositioned.

Mastopexy in Tijuana is an outpatient surgery that is performed with regional anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending on the condition of the breasts. The duration of this surgery is approximately 4 hours. For greater comfort it is necessary to use a sport bra for at least two months after surgery. Two weeks after the surgery, the patient can perform her daily activities, as long as she does not lift heavy objects.

Advantages of performing Mastopexy in Tijuana

  • An aesthetic and natural aspect of the breasts is achieved, preserving its original shape.
  • The scars that arise because of the surgery are not visible.
  • It is possible to obtain symmetry between breasts.
  • After pregnancy this surgery is perfect to restore the breasts.
  • It improves the patient’s self-esteem, confidence and safety.
  • A proportionate body figure is obtained.
  • It improves the appearance and physical appearance of the patient.

So if your desire is to rejuvenate your breasts to get a more stylized figure a Mastopexy in Tijuana is just what you need.



With the passage of time, women’s skin generally loses its firmness and that causes the breasts to lose their shape and firmness.

Big breasts ​

Having large breasts involves carrying a lot of weight, this weight at some point causes the breasts to begin to hang and give a look not very desired.

Constant weight fluctuations

It is very common for a person to rise and lose weight constantly and this has as a consequence that the skin is stretched and if the weight changes are constant it does not give the time to take a definitive shape, this causes the breasts to fall.

Smoke cigarette

Certain components of the cigar destroy elastin, which is the protein that provides elasticity to the skin. By lowering the elastin levels the skin of the breasts begins to lose elasticity and consequently to fall.

Use of wrong bra size

Using a bra of a different size than the one indicated may cause the breasts not to have good support and therefore start hanging.

Long exposures of the breast to the sun

Expose the skin of the chest directly to the sun’s rays can affect the firmness of the breasts, this is because the skin of that area is burned and this causes wrinkles to appear and because of that the area look aged prematurely.

Fortunately, there is now a surgery that helps solve the problem of hanging sinuses: Mastopexy in Tijuana.

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