Why do people go to Tijuana for Plastic Surgery?

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It is becoming more frequent to find people that make the decision to modify a part of their physical appearance through plastic surgery. The purpose of this is to feel more comfortable, self-confident and beautiful, since many times there is something they don’t fully like about their body.

That is why plastic surgery Tijuana is a highly demanded, but very expensive procedure in most countries. It is also because of this that medical tourism has become so popular in such a short period of time, as every year thousands of people visit other countries in order to undergo some kind of aesthetic procedure.

Why undergo surgery in Tijuana?

In a very short time Mexico has managed to obtain one of the first places in medical tourism, this is due to the high quality of medical services and its accessible cost. At the same time, within Mexico, Tijuana is one of the most visited cities for medical tourism, the main reasons are the following.

Quality hosting

One of the things that makes Tijuana an excellent city to undergo any kind of cosmetic surgery is that it has quality lodging. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t have relatives in Tijuana, foreigners can stay in one of the hundreds of hotels there are.

In addition, thanks to foreign tourism, more and more hotels are offering their services next to hospitals and clinics. So the patient’s family can stay while the patient is recovering, there are even special hotels for patients to stay after they leave the hospital.

A myriad of restaurants

In fact, it can be said that there are several restaurant businesses that have decided to take the example of the hotels and place themselves near the clinics. So it is very common that after the patient’s convalescence is over, they try the typical food of Tijuana or even international food.

In other words, the gastronomic and leisure businesses are one of the main reasons why every year Tijuana is visited by medical tourism.  

Good infrastructure

In order for a health sector procedure to provide the safety that the patient needs, it is necessary to offer services of the highest quality. This can only be achieved by ensuring advanced technology, qualified surgeons, professional medical staff and adequate medical facilities to provide good services.

In that sense, Tijuana Baja California has a great advantage, as more clinics and hospitals are being built and remodeled. So both in new clinics and in those that already have a history, as long as they are professional, the best surgical care  and standards of care can be found.

Health protocols

With the arrival of Covid-19, people around the world had to adapt to what is known as the new normal in order to maintain a life as “normal” as possible, reducing the risk of contagion as much as possible, by means of various hygiene and health protocols.

Clinics, hospitals, stores and restaurants follow strict hygiene standards in order to guarantee a safe space for tourists with the best attention. It is even common to see in Tijuana the mandatory use of masks, face shields, antibacterial gel and to follow social distancing and sanitation protocols in any facility, according to the news.

Good quality

Several of the most important health professionals in Mexico work in Tijuana, so as long as you go to a professional clinic, you can count on the best plastic surgery procedures. Aesthetic procedures such as plastic surgery in Tijuana are much safer than in other cities.

It is close to the border

The other main reason why tourists choose to travel to Tijuana for treatment is because of its proximity to the United States. This is because it is easy for tourists to cross the border, so they can go back and forth from Mexico to the United States whenever they want or need to go to an appointment.

Therefore, they can go to their check ups periodically instead of staying longer than necessary in Mexico. In some cases it is even enough to drive a couple of hours to and from the patient’s home to the clinic to receive the proper medical care after the medical procedure.  

It is affordable

For tourists coming from countries such as the United States and Canada, the prices in Tijuana are usually much more affordable than in their countries. So no matter if you want to have a cosmetic procedure such as liposuction or if you are only interested in a breast lift, the prices are very affordable.

Even several cosmetic procedures often cost up to 70% less than what they would normally cost in these countries.  So patients have the confidence that in addition to being affordable treatments they are of good quality, so patients can rest assured at all times.

How to choose the best service?

It is normal that when there are so many options you may have doubts about the services offered by the different clinics and their professionalism. That is why it is best to request the services of a quality clinic, such as Clínica Renueva, because as health professionals we take your needs as a priority.

We are aware that physical appearance can play a very important role in many people’s lives. That is why we have become one of the best clinics in Mexico, providing our services to hundreds of people to fulfill their desire to look better.

So if you are looking for a professional place and a qualified plastic surgeon to give a better look to your aesthetics, then you are in the right place. We will give you all the support so that in a short time you can get the look you’ve been wishing for.