Tummy Tuck Exercises at Home

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Tummy Tuck Exercises

The abdomen is undoubtedly one of the essential parts of our body; however, keeping it in shape can be extremely difficult, especially when we want to achieve it with natural methods such as a good diet and exercise. While it is true that these are the most recommended methods, the reality is that they only work for some because sometimes it takes years to achieve the body you want.

Plastic surgery has helped thousands of patients to be able to have the body they have always dreamed of effectively and in a faster period than with traditional methods. Even so, specific exercises can be performed after surgery to help keep the abdomen in shape. Here are some of the Tummy Tuck Exercises that offer the best results.

Core strengthening exercises

Exercising the core (also known as the nucleus or central part) is an important part of the Tummy Tuck Exercises because, in addition to strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, they work together with the muscles of the back, thus providing significant advantages to these two areas of the body. 

One of the best-known exercises to strengthen these areas is the so-called bridge exercise, which consists of lying on your back on a comfortable surface to avoid fatigue and keep your back in a neutral position without arching it or putting pressure on the floor. You should also avoid tilting your hips so that when you lift your back, your abdominal muscles contract. The hips should be lifted until they align with the knees and shoulders. This is one of the Tummy Tuck Exercises that requires little flexibility.

Plank exercises

Another of the Tummy Tuck Exercises that can be practiced at home is the well-known plank. For this exercise, you only need your weight and to be on a comfortable surface. This exercise consists of lying face down, leaning on your elbows, forearms, and the tips of your toes. Once you reach this position, contract your abdominals as much as possible. The body should be as straight as possible, so the buttocks should not be lifted or raised too much.

This exercise is an integral part of the Tummy Tuck Exercises because it not only exercises the abdomen but also keeps in shape other areas such as the buttocks and some other muscles of the arms, legs, and back, plus it helps a lot to the posture.

Abdominal crunches

When talking about exercises that help to have a perfect abdomen, one of the primary options are the famous sit-ups. This exercise is one of the Tummy Tuck Exercises that benefit the right abdominal muscle (commonly known as the six-pack) and help the external and internal oblique muscles.

When any type of abdominal surgery is performed, this type of Tummy Tuck Exercises helps to recover quickly, improving and perfecting this area of the body. There are different ways to do these crunches. The most common ones are lying on your back on a comfortable surface. Flexing the knees and resting the soles of the feet on the floor, the hands should be placed behind the head. In this position, push-ups should be performed by pressing the stomach muscles. This technique can be complicated at first, but it will be the best method to maintain that perfect abdomen with practice.

Abdominal stretches

Part of exercising also involves some stretching to give elasticity to the muscles

Tummy Tuck Exercises help recover elasticity in areas such as the abdomen. Depending on what type of abdominal stretching, some flexibility can be gained in other areas, such as the back, arms, legs, etcetera.

Stretching should be done slowly and with deep breaths to avoid fatigue. In addition to gaining elasticity, the main objective of doing this is allowing other muscles to relax.

Pilates exercises

While abdominal stretches require some form of flexibility, Pilates exercises are easier even for beginners. These types of Tummy Tuck Exercises help you to gain flexibility, improve your posture and strengthen your muscles.

There are approximately 34 basic exercises, of which there are also variations and combinations. This series of exercises are performed in a controlled manner, following specific breathing patterns to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. Although there are variations of these types of exercises, the abdominal area will always be the main focus of Pilates.

The Best Way to Maintain Your Plastic Surgery Results

After a tummy tuck surgery, the best way to maintain these results in the long term is to perform Tummy Tuck Exercises regularly, as well as to eat a good diet; these are the most effective ways to maintain the results obtained after surgery.

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