Mexico Plastic surgeons and their popularity

It is increasingly common for people to recur to procedures such as cosmetic surgery, to correct or improve some part of their body. The idea of treating a specific area of the body, so that the appearance can be further improved, has caused aesthetic medical tourism to increase.

Currently, Mexico is internationally among the first places to perform more aesthetic procedures per year. Even cosmetic surgeries like tummy tuck have become one of the most popular procedures, which is why it is talked about a lot in specialized clinics.

Experts in cosmetic surgery

For people, Mexico has become one of the main options, when it comes to cosmetic surgeries, due to the fact that Tijuana has many board-certified plastic surgeons. In Mexico not just any doctor can perform a plastic surgery procedure, it is necessary for the professional to meet a series of requirements.

Credentials and certificates

As said before, not everyone is trained to perform plastic surgery, even if it is another health professional. One of the main advantages that tourists have found in Mexico is that the professionals have a certificate that endorses them.

The certificate of specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery is the one that is granted to professionals who are trained to work. In addition, the Mexican Council of Plastic Surgery offers all the necessary information to the user, in this way they can verify that their doctor is certified and trained to perform surgeries.

But this is not all, in professional clinics patients are shown the certificates of studies that the plastic surgeons have.  Everything is at a glance so that the patient at all times feels comfortable and safe, so that he can confirm that he will be attended by professionals at all times.

In the long run these details are of great importance for people who plan to have some type of cosmetic surgery; they have the guarantee that the professional will do quality work, always seeing the best for them. It is also for this reason that surgeries such as tummy tuck are increasingly popular, as they are performed by professionals.

Member of associations

As in any part of the world, in Mexico there are malicious people who are looking to try to impersonate as a plastic surgeon. To avoid such situations and for patients to be harmed, most plastic surgeons join associations, in which they also update their knowledge.

This not only ensures the patient that a professional surgeon will attend him, but also that the surgeon is constantly growing. Some of the main associations in Mexico are the Mexican Association of Plastic Surgery and IPRAS.

Knowing this, people feel more confident with the professional and clear all their doubts regarding the procedure. In addition, a bond is also created between the surgeon and the patient, since there is more trust so that a more personalized treatment can be given.

Verifiable experience

Experience is one of the things that has made Tijuana’s surgeons so popular inside and outside of Mexico. That is also why the tummy tuck is increasingly requested, because patients know that, being experts, the risks are less.

A professional clinic, such as Clínica Renueva, has all the necessary material to show the patient before and after surgery. In addition to before-and-after-patient photographs, there are also hundreds of testimonies that can be used as a reference for their quality.

The patient has all the freedom to investigate thoroughly and resolve all his doubts about the procedure, the medical facilities, and the work of the surgeons who will attend him.

Quality treatment

In specialized clinics, the entire medical team is trained to offer the highest quality treatment to patients. For this reason, both surgeons and nurses will always treat the patient well and seek to accompany him at every stage of this incredible experience.

This treatment in which human warmth is noticed at all times, has made Mexico one of the first places in aesthetic medical tourism. This is because, in other countries, patients are not always given that human warmth, so their recovery is sometimes difficult.

Affordable costs

Depending on the area of the body where you want to have surgery, the price can vary. Performing breast implants, breast lift, body contouring, facial changes, eyelid surgery or liposculpture can be quite expensive, especially in countries like the United States and Canada, where cosmetic surgery usually costs twice as much as in Mexico.

A procedure such as a tummy tuck Tijuana is usually much cheaper than even in other cities in the Mexican Republic for example Mexico City. In addition, even if hotel and transportation expenses are added to medical expenses, surgeries in Mexico are still among the cheapest and safest.

On the other hand, it must also be taken into consideration that costs, in addition to varying depending on the type of surgery, vary due to the individual characteristics of each patient. This can be a problem for many patients when they are treated outside of Mexico, as they do not have the necessary budget to cover these expenses.

But it is also true that  an affordable price can be interpreted as a danger sign, since these services can be offered by unskilled personnel. To avoid such situations, it is possible to verify that the plastic surgeon is a professional, consulting the Directory of the Mexican Council of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

In Clínica Renueva we have a team of specialists prepared to perform a wide range of professional plastic surgeries and give you a positive experience.  The high quality of our work and affordable costs has helped aesthetic medical tourism to increase, as procedures such as the tummy tuck in Tijuana Baja California have become increasingly popular. Also, in your initial consultation you can create a plastic surgery package in case you want several common procedures like breast augmentation, muscle tone the abdominal region or get rid of loose skin after a bariatric surgery. Near our facilities you can find a 5-star hotel, called Quartz Hotel & Spa where you can have a proper recovery period after a complex procedure with our excellent team of experienced surgeons.