Is it safe to go to Tijuana for plastic surgery?

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The decision to undergo an aesthetic procedure is important and must be made intimately by the person.

Through this determination, people can obtain the opportunity to improve an aesthetic concern that affects the way they are perceived.Even though cosmetic surgeries are increasingly safe procedures, there are still many myths and taboos that prevent a person from undergoing them. That is why we will explain to you how safe plastic surgery can be if it is performed in a professional clinic.

Is it safe to have plastic surgery in Tijuana?

A group of plastic surgeons working on a patient in Tijuana.

It is true that in all the cities of Mexico you can find excellent plastic surgeons, who offer services that have the highest quality. But Tijuana is one of the best-trained cities in the field of medicine, which is why many people consider it a “world capital” of medical tourism.

Several things make Tijuana one of the safest cities in Mexico to have plastic surgery, one of those things is the professionalism with which they work. 

It is important to know what a professional clinic should have to provide a patient with a safe environment.

Good Communication

Maintaining good communication with the patient is essential for the procedure to come out with the desired expectations. During this stage, the pros and possible cons are explained, as well as how the procedure will be performed.

A budget for Surgery

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Tijuana is the ideal city to perform cosmetic surgeries because it not only has several of the best plastic surgeons in the world but also because of the price of the surgeries. It is important to know that there are some cities in Mexico where affordable prices cannot be trusted, but in Tijuana, you can.

As long as it is a professional clinic, it is safe to trust the affordable prices as they are due to the currency exchange. In other words, surgeries that are commonly quite expensive, such as liposuction in Tijuana, are up to 70% cheaper in Tijuana. So, the patient gets the advantage of saving money and at the same time getting the quality they are looking for.

Minimum risks

The risks of undergoing cosmetic surgery at a professional clinic are generally minimal. Sometimes it can even be said that the risks are zero, although all this depends on several factors such as the procedure to be performed and the health of the patient.

Sometimes the inconveniences that patients present are due to the idealization they had about cosmetic surgery, and how, according to them, it would change their lives.

For the same reason, it must be taken into consideration that, although cosmetic surgery can improve the way a person is perceived, it will not necessarily improve their work or personal life.

Variety of sace procedures

Professional clinics are usually characterized by their safe treatments, and they have a wide variety of procedures. Some focus on the body, others on the face, and others on specific areas of the body such as the breasts.

Profesional institutions

In Mexico, only certified plastic surgeons can perform cosmetic surgery, so they must belong to the Mexican Association of Plastic Surgery. For a plastic surgeon to be a member, they must have several studies and prove that they are qualified to perform these kinds of procedures.

In case the patient has any doubts about the certificates that the plastic surgeon has, they can ask at the clinic. A professional clinic will always provide all the necessary information to the patient because when it comes to their health, they must be sure to put themselves in the best hands.

A reception area with couches and a television in Tijuana.

Studies are performed

Each patient presents different concerns and needs, therefore the procedures that are performed can be so varied from one patient to another. A professional clinic always performs the necessary studies to obtain the best knowledge about the patient’s health condition.
By performing the necessary studies can be known if the person is a candidate for the procedure. One of the characteristics of Tijuana is its health professionals, who only will continue with the procedure if the results are favorable for the patient because in this way a safe treatment can be achieved.

New techniques

Two plastic surgeons working on a patient in an operating room.

Doctors who work in professional clinics know that the world of plastic surgery is something that continues to evolve. Techniques changes, technology is more integrated and surgeries improve, so every time the risks are less.

For the same reason, professional doctors are constantly updated, since they do not stay with old knowledge, on the contrary, they continue to learn. In this way, they can have the necessary tools to be able to offer patients effective and safer treatments.

A recognized clinic

Without a doubt, one of the most important clinics in Tijuana, Mexico is Clínica Renueva where we work with health experts such as Dr. Robles. He is an expert in plastic surgery, who, together with his staff, offers their services to help people have an appearance that meets their expectations.

Thanks to this, at Clínica Renueva we have become the favorite of foreigners and nationals, who seek to obtain quality services. We offer safe and professional treatments, so you can be confident that the result will be what you expect. Our art facilities have the highest quality equipment to perform plastic surgery procedures. So without a doubt at Clínica Renueva we will provide you with the best quality of care.

Our plastic surgery clinic is located in the border city of Tijuana near San Ysidro, United States. Make a consultation with us, so we can evaluate your situation and provide you with the best medical care.