How much should you weigh to get a tummy tuck?

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Eliminating abdominal fat and excess skin is the goal of many people who have not had the desired results despite exercising and eating a good diet. Thanks to advances in modern medicine, it has been possible to create alternatives that help eliminate localized fat and excess skin in almost any part of the body.

It is for this reason that procedures such as the tummy tuck have become so popular, as these have turned into the help that many people need. However, even though it is a very popular cosmetic procedure, it is important to remember that certain requirements must be met in order to perform this cosmetic surgery and one of them is to have an acceptable weight.

Things you should know about abdominoplasty

Over the years, abdominoplasty has become one of the leading methods for abdomen shaping. That is why it is common to think of it as a quick and very simple procedure to do, but the truth is that it is a major surgical procedure. So, after the surgery the tummy tuck patient usually has to wait several weeks to heal.

Recovery time

During the intervention, an incision is made from one end of the hip to the other, so recovery can take two to three weeks. During this time it is normal for the patient to experience swelling, moderate pain and exhaustion.

Although all these symptoms will diminish as the days go by, it is necessary for the patient to rest for the first few days. It is also advisable to receive help from other people to do daily tasks and to avoid intense physical activity for a few weeks.

Which is the indicated weight?

We talked before about how weight can play an important role when deciding on a surgical procedure to avoid complications. So depending on how much weight a person has, is that the tummy tuck Tijuana may or may not proceed.

The most advisable is for the patient to have been at an adequate weight for twelve to six months, a weight that provides stability. To get a clearer idea, a surgeon usually recommend that the person weighs between 10 and 15 pounds from the goal weight. It is not recommended that the patient gains or loses weight, since this can end up altering the whole process, and the abdominal muscles may not show up.

It is also common that when there are fluctuations in weight, the tissues of the abdomen end up stretching, in addition to affecting the contoured shape that was obtained with the surgery. In these cases it is usually necessary to re-evaluate the patient, and if necessary, have another procedure performed.

So a healthy lifestyle is absolutely necessary after surgery to maintain the results.

Scars may be left

Sometimes the patient is unaware that the tummy tuck procedure may leave a scar on the skin, therefore it is important to take that into account. The incision that is made during this procedure will remain marked from one end of the hip to the other, this exactly above the pubic bone. It is true that, with the passage of time, the scar on the skin will begin to fade, but not completely.

However, this does not mean that it will be noticeable to the naked eye, as underwear and swimwear can prevent the scar from showing.

Surgical drainage

In order for the patient to heal properly, one of the things done is placing surgical drains, the patient must use these drains for approximately one to two weeks. It is normal that before the surgery, everything necessary is explained by the surgeon to the patient about the surgical drains and the care they should get.

This is done because even though they are temporary, the patient will have to wear them for a long time, and it is difficult to bathe with them. Although the drains are usually removed after a few days, in some cases they must remain longer, it is the surgeon who will decide this.

The benefits are noticeable after some time

It is common for people to think that the changes that occur with plastic surgeries can be seen immediately, but the truth is that they are not. In reality, the benefits of a surgery like the tummy tuck are seen after several weeks or even a couple of months, this is something that the surgeon must make very clear. In addition, the appearance of bruising and swelling in the body is very common.

But the fact that the benefits are seen after a while is only one of the things to take into account, since there are other factors that can be unpleasant. One of these factors is swelling, because although the main discomforts disappear as the days go by, the residual swelling can last up to six months and in some cases longer. 

Temporary numbness and loss of sensitivity in the area where the incision was made is completely normal, but over time sensitivity will return. So, the patient can rest assured and in case of further doubts, ask the plastic surgeon.

In conclusion, the final results of tummy tuck surgery can be seen after a year, though this is something that depends on each person. Health, eating habits and the patient’s weight play a very important role for a successful recovery, and a second plastic surgery is not needed to achieve the ideal weight, and prevent loose skin.

Where can you get a tummy tuck?

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