How much does a facelift cost in Mexico and what is this procedure about?

It is normal that as time goes by, some changes appear on the face, however, most of the time these changes are due to premature aging. 

In addition to the passage of time, several reasons can cause the skin to lose elasticity and the first wrinkles begin to appear. The sun, solar cameras, cigarette smoke, and stress are some of them.

The situation worsens after the age of forty when the signs of aging become more noticeable. The facelift is an aesthetic procedure that allows reversing this kind of damage.

What is it?

It is a series of cosmetic procedures that aim to combat the most notable signs of facial aging. To achieve this, minimally invasive surgery is performed, with which wrinkles and imperfections found on the face and part of the neck are removed. 

This procedure is performed to eliminate wrinkles depending on the type of area that is going to be treated. When what is sought is to raise the drooping eyebrows and at the same time eliminate wrinkles, then a forehead lift is done. 

The medium-lift is recommended for people who have very sagging cheeks and who also have a lot of fat on their cheekbones. By performing this microsurgery, it is possible to give the face a more refined and youthful appearance, since accumulated fat is removed. 

Another of the procedures that are most often done is long lifting, with the help of this technique the double chin of the neck can be eliminated. 

The way these surgeries are performed is through small incisions that are made behind the earlobe, in front of it, or depending on the hairline. Once the incisions are made, the muscles and fat of the face begin to accommodate, then the excess skin is carefully removed.

Who are the perfect candidates for this procedure?

Facelift, like liposuction in Tijuana, has become one of the most popular aesthetic treatments due to the advantages it can provide. This has made many people decide to have this surgery, however, it is recommended for people 45 years of age and older.

In addition to wrinkle removal, this procedure has other benefits. Nowadays, thanks to the advances that have been made in medicine, not only is the skin stretched, with new techniques the underlying structures can be accommodated. So, the face looks naturally rejuvenated, sagging skin problems are corrected, and facial contours are improved.

Although this procedure has many advantages, it is necessary to consult a plastic surgeon as it can be an unnecessary surgery on young skin. That is why it is not usually recommended for people under 40 years old.

What is done before and after the surgery?

Before performing any cosmetic procedure, the patient is given several indications so that he can prepare for the surgery. It is recommended that the patient does not smoke, does not put on make-up before surgery, does not wear contact lenses, and tells the surgeon everything related to allergies they have and the medications they take. 

Reporting on allergies and medications is of great importance because this way the surgeon will know how to take the necessary measures. Usually, patients can leave the clinic 24 hours after the procedure was performed, however, this is something that may vary depending on each case. 

It is normal for certain discomfort to occur after the procedure, it is also normal for the skin on the face to feel swollen. During the first days, the patient should take analgesics to reduce the discomfort, it is also recommended that they do not work or do activities that require a lot of effort as this can cause damage to the face. 

During the first months, the patient must avoid exposing their skin to the sun, as this can damage it. Another thing that must be taken into consideration is food, it is recommended to avoid hot drinks and foods, as well as chewing hard. In this class of procedures, soft foods are usually suggested during the first days to avoid discomfort.

How much does a facelift cost?

In reality, as it is an intervention that must be done in a personalized way, you cannot have a specific budget. The truth is that the price varies depending on each case since the facial structure is different in each person as well as the goals that they have regarding their appearance.

To this must be added other costs such as hospital expenses, operating room, fees for the medical team, and nursing care. In addition to the medication that the patient must take during his convalescence and the city where the procedure will be performed.

In Mexico, there are cities like Tijuana that are medical tourism destinations and also have the advantage of having a wide variety of health professionals. Thanks to this, it is much more accessible to request this kind of service, as they are usually cheaper than in other places. 

Even so, it is necessary to take into consideration that price is not the most important thing since cosmetic procedures with very low prices can be a bad sign. For this reason, it is most advisable for the patient to go to a professional clinic, where they can give an approximate budget for the type of surgery to be performed.

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