After surgery care: Recommendations for a fast and safe recovery from plastic surgery

Although the procedure in plastic surgery Tijuana is essential for patients to obtain optimal results, the truth is that after surgery care is a fundamental part of any aesthetic intervention’s success. That’s why at Clínica Renueva, we work directly with the patient so that he or she can know the results that can be obtained and so that, through recommendations such as those of our plastic surgeon Dr. Robles, any type of risk that could endanger the person’s appearance and well-being can be reduced.

Plastic surgery recovery time

The healing time will depend a lot on the type of surgery the patient has undergone, mainly because each cosmetic surgery is different. Although it is normal for our patients to want to return to normal activity as soon as possible, they need to have a general notion of the recovery period. Of course, if the rules of the recovery process issued by our surgeon, Dr. Robles, are followed, it will be possible for patients to return to their daily routine and improve their results in a shorter time.

Facial Surgeries

Blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty: After the cosmetic surgery, it is expected that there are inflammation and small hematomas in the area. These may prevail during the first week, which is when the sutures are removed. After this process, the swelling and bruises will disappear in about two weeks, in the case of blepharoplasty. As for the rhinoplasty, the discomfort can last longer, and if there is more sensation of pain, it will be necessary that our specialist gives another couple of weeks. 

Facelift: Whether in the face or neck area, the recovery time will depend on the skin’s stretched amount. During the first week, patients may have swelling and bruising, but they will disappear with time. In about a month, the patient will notice the results and an improvement in their appearance.

Therefore, recovery from facial surgery can take between one and two months, depending on the type and amount of treatments.

Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation: During the first days, there may be discomfort and redness due to the implant placement, but one of the significant advantages of this operation is that healing is fast if the patient follows all the recommendations. In about two weeks, the patient will be able to return to his/her lifestyle, and after the third or fourth week, light physical activity will be possible.

Mastopexy: This breast lift tends to have quickly healed since it is a less invasive cosmetic surgery. As in all plastic surgery, it is normal to have bruises and swelling that can prevail for about three weeks.

Breast reduction: Like the treatments of lifting and breast augmentation, the healing time is usually similar, between two to three weeks to lower the swelling and disappear the bruises.

For breast surgery, recovery time is usually one to two months; the patient presents no complications, and if Dr. Robles’ notes are followed.

Body Surgery

For procedures such as the mommy makeover or tummy tuck, it will be necessary to wait more time for a total recovery, mainly because these plastic surgeries can produce certain discomforts that will require plenty of rest. Also, the healing process tends to take longer. So the complete recovery can take between two months.

In every surgical procedure, patients must follow the protocols established by Dr. Robles and his team for the shortest recovery time.

After surgery care

Take your medications on time

For patients to eliminate pain and avoid any infection or trouble, Dr. Robles will prescribe pain medication that will not produce problems that could affect our patients’ well-being. This type of pain medication is specialized, so it must be taken at the indicated time; thus, the health will be taken care of to the maximum, shortening the recovery time.

Use compression garments

Depending on the type of surgery, it will be necessary for patients to wear select clothing, especially those that allow for the treated area’s compression. The use of compression garments is essential in breast augmentation or any abdomen intervention because they reduce swelling and bruising. Besides, they allow skin retraction and prevent stretch marks or wrinkles.

Use of sunscreen 

Surgeries can leave visible scars, so patients must always protect themselves from the sun. Whether due to facial or body surgery, it is essential to avoid sun exposure during the first few days, after which SPF 50 sunscreen should always be used. This is to prevent the scars from becoming pigmented.

Resting in comfortable spaces

Since care and recovery will be performed from home, patients should have space to accommodate themselves without affecting the treated area. Those places that suffer from sudden temperature changes should be avoided.

Optimal nutrition for a safe and shorter recovery

Food will be essential after surgery care, mainly because after cosmetic surgery, the healing process begins. For it to be optimal, patients will need to follow a healthy diet.

Vitamins and nutrients consumption

For care and recovery to be in the patient’s best interest, there must be consumption of vitamin-rich foods. Vitamin C and A are usually some of the most recommended by Dr. Robles, so dairy products, citrus fruits, juices, and green vegetables are an excellent option. One of these elements’ great functions is that they can inhibit the conditions caused by free radicals, preventing the early aging and death of body cells and tissues.

Consumption of high fiber products

Foods such as whole grain bread, specific fruit, and cereals help stabilize the digestive process regularly, avoiding constipation, a frequent problem in some people who have had abdominal surgery.

Consumption of minerals 

One of the minerals that should stand out in the recovery process that will improve the after surgery care will be Zinc. This element can be found in nuts and helps to improve the functioning of the immune system, also helps in the healing of wounds.

Intake plenty of water

Patients need to drink water because dehydration can be avoided, and it will be possible to eliminate all the impurities from the body, thus stabilizing the well-being of the organism.

To improve recovery, Dr. Robles will give patients individual recommendations regarding which foods can be consumed and which ones should be avoided; this with the objective that, through eating, the body can have energy and heal correctly from the inside out, this thanks to the post op instructions recommended by the doctor.

Cleaning and care of wounds

Another elementary step after surgery care is wound cleansing. In all cosmetic surgery, Dr. Robles will provide patients with a series of simple tasks that will help prevent the spread of any bacteria that may infect the treated area. That will help facilitate the healing process and reduce scarring.

Hygiene: Before the patient or anyone else will handle the bandages or come into contact with the wound, it is necessary to properly clean the hands. Our surgeon, Dr. Robles, recommends that a disinfectant soap or alcohol-based cleaner be used for about fifteen seconds. Also, he advises rigorous cleaning in the nail area or the use of gloves.

Change the bandages: The bandages should always be kept dry and clean, so Dr. Robles advises to change them after one or two days of use. In case the bandage gets stuck due to scabs caused by blood flow, select products recommended by our plastic surgeon can be used. Once the area has been cleaned, the bandages should be placed as the Clínica Renueva staff taught you.

Things to avoid after plastic surgery

  • Avoid consumption of alcoholic drinks.
  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • Exercise during the first week of recovery or until indicated by Dr. Robles.
  • Consumption of high-fat foods.
  • Avoid frequent use of hydrogen peroxide in wounds.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise until further notice.
  • The use of antibacterial soaps.
  • The use of lotions, creams, or herbs home remedies.

Emergency signals after cosmetic procedures

In some instances, some patients may present complications. This may be due to poor care after surgery or other factors; therefore, it is essential that the patient immediately come to our clinic to be treated by Dr. Robles if problems arise.

  • Signs of inflammation and intense pain.
  • Excessive bleeding and drainage.
  • Failure in the sutures or opening in the wound.
  • Dark and dry appearance in the treated area.
  • Changes in the drainage fluid, such as yellow and green
  • Bad odor in the wound.
  • Increase in temperature.

Treatment to enhance after surgery care

Depending on the type of plastic surgery, patients can undergo specific treatments that will allow them to speed up the healing and recovery processes, such as manual lymphatic drainage. In interventions such as tummy tuck, Dr. Robles will indicate this type of treatment to the patient, mostly because through the massage’s movements, all those substances that produce inflammation and hematomas can be drained.

After surgery care is essential so that patients can obtain the desired results without any problem; therefore, Dr. Robles will give each patient the best recommendations to have a prompt and healthy recovery.