Is it safe to go to Tijuana for plastic surgery?

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The decision to undergo an aesthetic procedure is important and must be made intimately by the person. Through this determination, people can obtain the opportunity to improve an aesthetic concern that affects the way they are perceived.Even though cosmetic surgeries are increasingly safe procedures, there are still many myths and taboos that prevent a person […]

How much does a facelift cost in Mexico and what is this procedure about?

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It is normal that as time goes by, some changes appear on the face, however, most of the time these changes are due to premature aging.  In addition to the passage of time, several reasons can cause the skin to lose elasticity and the first wrinkles begin to appear. The sun, solar cameras, cigarette smoke, […]

The main benefits of Tijuana Mexico plastic surgery

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Over the years, plastic surgery has become an alternative in which many people can find a solution to several of their problems. Regardless of the opinion that people have about these procedures, the truth is that the majority of people who undergo plastic surgery usually have the desired results. It is common to think that […]

Mexico Plastic surgeons and their popularity

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It is increasingly common for people to recur to procedures such as cosmetic surgery, to correct or improve some part of their body. The idea of treating a specific area of the body, so that the appearance can be further improved, has caused aesthetic medical tourism to increase. Currently, Mexico is internationally among the first […]

Cosmetic Surgery Mexico vs Plastic Surgery Mexico

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Do you know the differences between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery? It is common that when you hear about these types of surgeries you think that you are talking about the same thing, however, this is not the case. Contrary to what is commonly thought, these are specialties that, although they have similarities, are different. […]

Best hotels in Tijuana after a plastic surgery

Tijuana has been characterized as a city to which foreigners go for aesthetic medical procedures; not only for the low prices, compared to the cost these procedures have in the USA and Canada, but for the high quality that surgeons of this city have to offer. But as we all know, after a procedure so […]

After surgery care: Recommendations for a fast and safe recovery from plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery Tijuana

Although the procedure in plastic surgery Tijuana is essential for patients to obtain optimal results, the truth is that after surgery care is a fundamental part of any aesthetic intervention’s success. That’s why at Clínica Renueva, we work directly with the patient so that he or she can know the results that can be obtained […]