Is plastic surgery after weight loss a 2022 trend?

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Undoubtedly, the emergence of COVID-19 affected the daily lives of millions of people worldwide, bringing with it quite drastic lifestyle changes. In many places, people were forced to stay at home, so employees began to work from home.  

This transition to working at home was the perfect opportunity for hundreds of people who decided to make their lifestyles healthier. Implementing a healthy diet and proper exercise routine would help encourage weight loss and, in many cases, need cosmetic surgery to improve their body contour. 

Plastic surgery after weight loss?

Losing weight is a process that can be complicated and slow to achieve, especially for people who have lived with it for a long time. However, once it is completed, it can bring significant health benefits such as reducing diabetes-related problems.

It also significantly reduces the chances of heart disease and cancer. Therefore, it can be said that the only “drawback” of losing weight quickly is the flaccidity and excess skin that remains after this process, as people usually feel insecure because of that.

It is common for people to feel ashamed of reaching their ideal weight, so surgery is usually recommended to remove the excess skin.

What is the reason for the popularity of cosmetic surgery in 2022?

Plastic surgery Tijuana can greatly help reverse other problems derived from excess skin, such as rashes and skin infections. In addition, it has the advantage that it can help eliminate fat in localized areas that are difficult to treat through diet and exercise.

It can be said that body contouring surgery is a set of procedures that are tailored to the needs of each patient. In some cases, the procedure will focus on one main area, while several body regions may be treated in other cases.

Some of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries to improve body contouring are as follows.

Tummy Tuck

One of the side effects of excess weight is the stretching of the abdominal muscles and their weakening. Through a tummy tuck, the surgeon removes excess skin and rearranges the muscles of the abdomen so that it regains its strength and improves its aesthetics.

This helps in a few weeks to achieve a more aesthetic abdomen that can highlight the new curves of the patient.

Breast Lift

Sometimes, after losing weight rapidly, one thing that happens is that the breasts begin to sag. To treat this kind of inconvenience, a breast implants Tijuana is performed because, with its help, the breasts can be appropriately accommodated, returning them to their natural position.

If necessary, in addition to removing excess skin, the nipples are repositioned during the procedure. This whole process helps the patient acquire a more aesthetic and youthful appearance.


After losing weight, it is normal for the face to change and look thinner, but if the weight is too much, the flaccidity can age the face. Jowls on the neck and sagging skin can make people look older, so by removing them, people look much younger.

A facelift is not only a great help to look younger because excess skin is removed from the face and neck. It can also be an opportunity to perform a fat transfer to the face so that the patient looks more youthful.

Arm lift

Sagging skin on the arms, also known as bat wings, can appear with aging or weight loss. This problem makes many people feel self-conscious, especially when they need to wear clothes that show excess skin.

This procedure, excess skin and tissue, making the upper arms look smoother and more defined.

Buttock Augmentation

Losing weight also causes the buttocks to decrease a little in size; on those occasions, butt implants Tijuana is usually recommended. In this way, the volume can be recovered, so people can have the confidence to wear their favorite clothes.

Thigh Lift

Excess skin on the legs can lead to chafing or infections due to folds. This is why a thigh lift is often recommended, as, in addition to eliminating these conditions, it gives the leg a much more toned appearance.

Who can be a candidate?

To be a candidate for this type of aesthetic surgery, it is necessary to be in good health and not suffer from any condition that may affect the procedure. The candidates must already be at or near their ideal weight for several months.

At the Renueva Plastic Surgery Center, our goal is to change the lives of our patients for the better; thus, more than molding the figure, what we offer are services that help to directly improve the confidence of our patients, such as eyelid surgery Tijuana, making their social relationships easier.

There are many reasons a person may undergo plastic surgery, to improve their physical health, self-esteem, or simply to look good. But the most important thing is to receive quality support; that is why at Clínica de Cirugía Plástica Renueva, we provide patients with everything they need.

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