Your Abdominoplasty Surgery Journey Explained

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Your Abdominoplasty Surgery Journey Explained

In recent years, Abdominoplasty Surgery has become a solution to eliminating localized fat, helping people feel good about how their body looks and reducing some of the ailments commonly associated with excess fat, such as high cholesterol.

What is an Abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is a procedure designed to treat the abdominal wall by removing excess fat and skin. With this surgery, abdominal wall muscles affected after a rapid weight loss get rearranged.

After undergoing Abdominoplasty Surgery, patients acquire a slimmer and more aesthetic figure, so more and more people are experiencing this procedure. Abdominoplasty is also often suggested for women with urinary incontinence problems after pregnancy.

The Journey of an Abdominoplasty Surgery

The journey begins when the person decides to undergo this procedure, starting the search for a specialized clinic. Mexico is one of the most important medical tourism destinations since it is a country where aesthetic procedures are usually affordable and high-quality.

Tijuana is one of the cities where most women travel to request Abdominoplasty Surgery since it is a city full of clinics and hospitals. But patients must consider several factors before deciding on a place to undergo this procedure; the affordable costs, the clinic permits, and the surgeon certificates are just some of them. 

Once patients find a professional clinic, the next step is verifying they are candidates. Although this procedure is usually relatively safe, it is not for everyone. It is necessary to have extra support after the surgery since the patient will not be able to move as before. 

There are several reasons a person seeks to undergo Abdominoplasty Surgery; one of the most common is aesthetics. But in many cases, it is also because they are looking to improve their physical or emotional health, as it also improves physical ailments such as diabetes, back pain, and chafing.

Preparation and Recovery

Before the surgery, the patient must prepare; in many cases, it is necessary to change the diet and lose a little more weight. The surgeon will tell the patient which indications to follow in order to prepare for this procedure.

After the Abdominoplasty Surgery, the patient will have some discomfort and pain, so it will be necessary to take painkillers. It will also be necessary to use special elastic support for approximately two to three weeks and avoid physical activities that may cause tension. 

What to expect before, during, and after your surgery

Before Abdominoplasty Surgery, the patient must stop smoking and undergo several studies; the procedure may be complex in case of problems such as hernias. The area should also be kept clean to avoid infections, and fast for at least 8 hours before the procedure.

During the surgery, the plastic surgeon will make an incision to treat the area; depending on the case, the incision may have a shorter or longer length.

After the Abdominoplasty Surgery, the patient will present swelling in the treated area, decreasing as the days go by. After a short time, the patient will begin to appreciate a flatter and firmer abdominal contour, which is more in accordance with his new body weight and physique type.

Where to get an Abdominoplasty Surgery

At Clínica Renueva, we seek to offer people the most appropriate treatments for each case. We know that personal appearance is significant, as it can directly affect a person’s mood and social life; that is why we support patients looking to undergo an aesthetic procedure. 

With the support of our team of professionals, you can have a successful Tummy Tuck Tijuana Surgery and regain your self-confidence.

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Marta G.
Marta G.
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Quality, efficiency, warmth, responsibility, good treatment, excellence in surgeries, hygiene, excellent nurses, highly trained office treatment, clinic with all the comforts and absolute individual attention and to Dr. Fernando Robles for his capacity, his professionalism and for be a great human being.
Millete M.
Millete M.
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Dr. Was very honest about the procedure I wanted. I came in to get a BBL and he told me I didn't have enough fat to transfer. Instead of just telling me what I wanted to hear he was very honest in not recommending the procedure.
Sergio M.
Sergio M.
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Dr. Fernando Robles Rodríguez is totally professional, he performed a procedure on my ear and I am fully satisfied with the result. Excellent cleanliness in the clinic, professional and humane attention. 100% recommendable !

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